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The Restaurant

If the walls of La Capannina restaurant could talk, they would have stories to tell for months: anecdotes, curiosities, pieces of life of celebrities and ordinary people who in the course of   over 90 years have shared carefree moment in one of the historic restaurants on the island. As you can see from the many pictures on the walls, there is no international or Italian actor who has not eaten a La Capannina. It’s impossible to list all the politicians, intellectuals, singers, royals, ambassadors that over the years have enjoyed the delicacies of the restaurant. At the entrance there is a black and white photo of Aristotele Onassis and Jackie Kennedy who, as is know, were regular visitors of the island.
Antonio De Angelis with his wife Aurelia, his son Francesco and his daughter Renata run the restaurant with success since forever.
With emotion and pride, Antonio recounts the origin of the lucky local at the hand of ji father Francesco. In 1929 Francesco get to Capri from a small town in Abruzzo to work as a chef at the Grand Hotel Quisisana. After a couple of years, he opens a small restaurant just a few steps from the Piazzetta and he names is “Savoia” and that, in a  short time, it becomes a destination for international travellers and intellectuals  who chosed Capri as a place of inspiration.
In the early ‘50s the restaurant moves into the current place, since 1961, the management passed to his son Antonio, who continues the family tradition with the same commitment and the same passion.


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The staff of La Capannina is very close-knit. Both among the tables and in the kitchen you breather harmony and industriousness.Many of the employees working with the De Angelis family have always been there, as Gaetano Rispoli, chef of the restaurant for over forty years.
The dishes are traditional.
Mediterranean and, in particular, of Capri: stuffed squid, octopus salad, escarole rolls, homemade pasta and fresh fish with dishes that are renewed day by day.

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