La Capannina becomes a bar

How would you imagine a wine bar in Capri?

We will give you a hint: an intimate environment, soft lighting, outdoor area for smokers, sofas and balconies, Mediterranean passion with a middle Eastern ambience. When you enter La Capannina Wine Bar you get a sense of a different place than the typical Caprese place. There is always the same passion, the same attention to detail that we has been passed down from the restaurant.

There is also a creative passion, an informal meeting place to enjoy a drink or a glass of wine in good company. This too is Capri. La Capannina Bar is the meeting place for those who want to enjoy a good glass of wine and there are over 200 labels to choose from. Or maybe a cocktail, a bitter, an aperitif.

winebar room
Barman Cocktails

This is the bar to go to in Capri. You will know it as soon as you walk in: it is like crossing the threshold into a villa on the island, there are old prints of the island on the walls and floors in majolica tile. The terracotta floor warms the soul and makes you feel right at home, you are in a welcoming place. Would you like a special drink? Put us to the test, behind the bar we have someone with decades of experience.

A passion for taste

The right mix in each glass
That is why our idea of a wine bar goes beyond expertise and training in regards to preparing and suggesting the right drink. Here nothing is left to chance and every detail of every drink and glass of wine is studied, recommended and prepared with care. In the end, we are here to prepare the best cocktail, pour the best bitter and recommend the right label.
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Where is the bar? What are its opening hours? Can I reserve a table? We are always available, send us an email or call us to get all the necessary information to book and organize your evening at La Capannina Wine Bar, a few steps from the square in Capri.

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What our customers are saying

Comments from TripAdvisor

What is there to say? You eat very well, the service is very friendly, reasonable prices, typical characteristic location. Famous people from all over the world have eaten in this restaurant: they could not have been wrong. In fact we were very satisfied. We strongly recommend!

Manuel F.

As for the dishes, delicious spaghetti with rockfish, ordered two nights in a row, ravioli caprese excellent. The same is true about the fish. In fact, in all my travels around the world, I will cherish this tiny jewel in the centre of Capri and I will definitely return.

Elvis D.

The restaurant is 100 meters from the famous square and has a varied menu which is perfect for people who love fresh dishes whether it is fresh fish or fresh local produce. I had a divine meal and also heard about the history of the place.