The dishes that have become legend, the wines that have made history

Not far from the square of Capri, among the tiny streets of Via Le Botteghe, there is a restaurant that has gone down in history in regards to the local cuisine. As well, not too far from the restaurant, you will find the wine shop that has all these great wines and also the wine bar where you can meet up with friends after dinner. This is La Capannina and here you will find everything you need to know about our great story.


A menu rich with traditional dishes from the caprese cuisine, dishes that compliment each other and change on a daily basis. Here taste prevails above all else.

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Wine Bar

Night time is the right time to enjoy the right mix of cocktails that are made and enjoy divine drinks. After dinner everyone finds their way to the wine bar.

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Wine Shop

The selection of wines that are found at La Capannina restaurant, can also be found at the wine shop that has become a place for connoisseurs.

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A piece of history in Capri

A restaurant that has become a legend
Telling the story of La Capannina is Antonio De Angelis who together with his wife
Aurelia and his children, Francesco and Renata, has always managed the restaurant. The legend of La Capannina originated in 1931 and since then every dish has been made with the utmost care and obsessive attention to detail and every bottle of wine chosen for a specific reason. At the centre of it all, there is hospitality, the pleasure of having a meal, savouring new flavours or a bite to eat into an unforgettable moment.
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Perhaps you would like to make a reservation for an evening dedicated to local cuisine, or perhaps you would like to have further information about the cellar of the wine shop or would you like to know the opening hours of the wine bar. In any case, we are available, send us an email or call us.

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His majesty, the wine

The art of being loved
The cuisine is a focal point for La Capannina but love of good food and the Neapolitan
tradition compliment each other and come together in the choice of a wine. It is not by
chance that we have decided to divide our passion between the restaurant, the wine bar and the wine shop. Since people who like to eat well also like to choose the best wine to
accompany their meal.

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

- Federico Fellini

What our customers are saying

Comments from TripAdvisor

What is there to say? You eat very well, the service is very friendly, reasonable prices, typical characteristic location. Famous people from all over the world have eaten in this restaurant: they could not have been wrong. In fact we were very satisfied. We strongly recommend!

Manuel F.

As for the dishes, delicious spaghetti with rockfish, ordered two nights in a row, ravioli caprese excellent. The same is true about the fish. In fact, in all my travels around the world, I will cherish this tiny jewel in the centre of Capri and I will definitely return.

Elvis D.

The restaurant is 100 meters from the famous square and has a varied menu which is perfect for people who love fresh dishes whether it is fresh fish or fresh local produce. I had a divine meal and also heard about the history of the place.