Capannina Più, the wine shop of Capri

When good wine becomes an art

In via Le Botteghe, in the heart of the historical centre of Capri, one can also find La Capannina Più, our family’s wine shop. Why should the clients in our restaurant be the only ones able to try our best wines to accompany meat, fish and desserts? The passion for the divine nectar of the gods has made La Capannina Più the wine shop in Capri, loved by tourists and residents alike.

How did the idea come about to open a wine shop? Simple, it was our most loyal clients who asked for it. Given the continued requests from our restaurant patrons to buy Italian and foreign wines, champagnes and spirits, in 1988 we decided to open the first wine shop in Capri.

Entrance Wine Shop
Limoncello and Marmellade

Today among the shelves and the precious bottles of La Capannina Più you will find the most prestigious labels, those that we serve to our guests in the restaurant but also what is needed to make a dinner special, an aperitif with friends, an important appointment. Here, in fact, we have given great attention in selecting a choice of marmalades, varied flavours of jam that are in high demand, many kinds of tarallis, spices that are hard to find, grappas and the classical Limoncello of Capri. On the other hand it is impossible not to finish off a meal without having a glass of this sweet tasting liquer.

Not only good wine

Find a special gift in the wine shop
Exactly, here you can find wonderful wines and sought-after spirits not to mention the selection of chocolates that is the envy of all. But above all La Capannina Più is a place of good taste. It is exactly the place to find a present for family, friends and special occasions. You can choose from the typical ceramics from Capri to everything that has to do with the world of wines and tasting, with particular attention paid to accessories needed for all your coocking needs.
Come by the store (or we can ship whatever you would like)

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Come and have a look at our wine shop, we always have some new item to show you. If you cannot pass by the store to pick up your purchases, do not worry: we can send your purchases wherever you would like, even to your yacht or hotel. Or directly to where you prefer. Send us an email for further information.

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What our customers are saying

Comments from TripAdvisor

What is there to say? You eat very well, the service is very friendly, reasonable prices, typical characteristic location. Famous people from all over the world have eaten in this restaurant: they could not have been wrong. In fact we were very satisfied. We strongly recommend!

Manuel F.

As for the dishes, delicious spaghetti with rockfish, ordered two nights in a row, ravioli caprese excellent. The same is true about the fish. In fact, in all my travels around the world, I will cherish this tiny jewel in the centre of Capri and I will definitely return.

Elvis D.

The restaurant is 100 meters from the famous square and has a varied menu which is perfect for people who love fresh dishes whether it is fresh fish or fresh local produce. I had a divine meal and also heard about the history of the place.